ISWinT 2013

The purpose of the 2013 edition of the longest-running student festival worldwide was to create a suitable environment for cultural exchange by getting the local community involved in the activities organized for the participants.

The 2013 year’s theme was focused on the exchange of ideas through which we aim to underline, in an objective manner, the differences between cultures, leaving behind the stereotypes and preconceptions related to the nationalities’ customs and traditions. This way we hoped to bridge the gap between the different perspectives of the participants which will lead to their acknowledgement of the importance of cultural diversity.

This year’s breakthrough was the idea of encouraging the participants to leave their mark on our city. For this to be possible, we had in mind a series of new activities which will allow the participants to bring their contribution to the enhancing of Timisoara’s cultural diversity.

To sum up, during the 20th ISWinT edition our purpose was to bring to light the impact of the cultural diversity, as well as the importance of creating an environment where all these differences are highly valued and appreciated.  All this and much more can be made possible by exchanging ideas with a little glimpse on a culture snapshot